First mentioned in history in 1375 the "noble mills" must have been one of the first buildings in this area. The upper and the lower mill has always been seperated possessions from partially titled owner.
The mills got through wars without essential Alteration. The lower mill was purely run as a corn-mill for at least 400 years. Later some more land was bought and agriculture was pursued. The mills got to stop just right after world war II.

Lower Edelmühle today

Today the Edelmühle is a well-known restaurant and etablished excursion destination, where the Leitha-Bike-Path comes by just in front of the house.

In the meantime the second generation of the family is already running the restaurant. The Edelmühle is more and more changing from traditional inn to a modern restaurant with versatile character.

For the kids

Beside our playground there are also cats, chicken, ducks, peacocks and our dog “Burli” in our garden to see.